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Become a Stockist

Please read through our terms and conditions before applying to become a stockist. 

Our Application form is below our terms and conditions. Please note: The application form will not submit via a mobile device, only a desktop, if you do not have access to a desktop computer please email us with your application [email protected]

Paragon Blue - Terms and Conditions July 2018

1. Application Process

 All new stockist applications will be reviewed weekly and will be advised in writing if they have been accepted or placed on a wait list for the next availability. Successful applicants will be sent an invoice with payment details and instructions we will require for your inventory details.

2. Product and Stockists Selection

Paragon Blue management has the right to approve all products and services sold/offered in store. Whilst we will endeavour not to stock similar products made by different stockists, occasionally this may occur. We will only do this if there is an obvious point of difference. Paragon Blue reserves the right to not enter into another contract period with a stockist once the previous contract is expired.

3. Rent Payments/Trading Fees

Paragon Blue's Contract Period is a minimum of 3 months and to be paid in advance.

Rental is as per seasonal rate

Off Peak Season: May - September $4.08 per day ($28.56 per week including GST) plus 16.5% commission

Peak Season: October - April $6.12 per day ($42.84 per week including GST) plus 16.5% commission

Should you only have a few items we may consider selling your products on a commission base only arrangement.

Rent payments are not refundable. 

An invoice will be sent before the next 3-month contract begins. If rent is not paid by the due date your stock will be removed from the shop displays/floor and we will not make payments for goods sold until outstanding debts are paid. 

Paragon Blue reserves the right to alter the trading fees with 1 (one) months' notice to stockists. However, trading fees will not be adjusted during a contract period. 

If a part payment extension is required contact Paragon Blue BEFORE the due date to discuss a mutually agreed upon extension date.

4. Stockist Cessation of Trading

(Thirty) 30 days notice in writing must be given to Paragon Blue if you wish to cease trading. If no notice is given you will automatically go into a new 3 (three) month contract. If written notice of withdrawing from the store is not given 30 (thirty) days prior to the end of a season you will automatically be charged the new season rate.

Once a stockist has withdrawn from trading should they wish to begin trading at a later date they will need to reapply with Paragon Blue and may go onto our wait list.

5. Insurance

Stockists must have their own insurance cover, Public Liability, Theft and Fire.

Paragon Blue has insurance for building, public liability, fixtures and fittings only. 

Our staff will be vigilant in monitoring customers; however, Paragon Blue will not be held responsible for any stockist or stockist product public liability claims against them and damaged, lost or stolen products. Any stock damaged by a staff member with be communicated to the stockist.

6. Selling Your Products

We are devoted to selling creative items that we love at our store. We will be passionate about selling all products in the store and if your products have any special requirements, care instructions or have a story, please let us know in writing. This way we can familiarise ourselves with your product and talk about them to our customers.

7. Product Positioning

No stockist will have a designated space with the shop, the shop will flow into different themes with products that work well together. The window displays will change regularly with each stockists' products being rotated.

All product positioning is at management's discretion. 

To ensure uniformity in display shelving/tables/cabinets will be provided by Paragon Blue unless a special display is required, i.e. mannequin, jewellery stand, rotating stand etc.

We ask you please talk to management about your displays. If you are bringing in your own display items, please label clearly.

8. Product Returns

Product returns will only be accepted within 14 days of the purchase date and in perfect unused condition. Returned items

will be re-entered into the POS system and returned to the floor. Products will be deducted from that week's sales. Paragon Blue will notify the stockist if a faulty product has been returned.

9. Packaging Requirements

The shop will provide a variety of different sized kraft bags and tissue paper for products. However, should your product require special packaging we ask you to provide those to us, and we will ensure that your product is packaged correctly.

10. Sales Reports

Sales reports and payments will be provided fortnightly. Payments for sales (less commission) will be made via Bank Transfer into your nominated bank account. Should you see any discrepancies on your sales report and payment received, please notify us in writing immediately.

11. Stock Drop/Replenishing Stock

A stock list must be emailed to Paragon Blue 3 days prior to dropping new stock off. It takes time to enter stock into the system and print barcodes for each product. Stock can be brought into the shop during our trading hours, please check with us on trading hours, depending on the season. We suggest that you monitor your stock levels closely via your sales reports.

12. Advertising

Advertising will be done through several platforms by Paragon Blue including but not limited to social media, flyers, local newspapers and magazines. Whilst Paragon Blue will endeavour to cover a large amount of ground with advertising we ask that our stockists cross promote Paragon Blue being a stockist of your products. The more exposure generated will be of great benefit to you and Paragon Blue.

Provision of professional stock photos is encouraged and will be used for promotional purposes at management's discretion. Paragon Blue has the right to photograph stock for all advertising.

13. Exclusivity by Suburb

We do ask while you are a stockist with Paragon Blue that you do not stock another store in Rye Victoria 3941.

14. Feedback & Ideas

We want your feedback! If you have any suggestions or new ideas on what we can do better, or haven't yet tried, please let us know.

15. Code of Conduct

Defamation and/or slander of any type is very serious in nature and will not be tolerated. Any persons engaging in this type of activity will be liable for prosecution and damages.